Shipping Policy

Once a package is shipped, we are neither responisble for lost packages nor are we responsible for any damages to the items sent, nor are we obligated to replace them free of charge. If you wish a replacement for a lost parcel it will be treated as a new order which must be paid for in advance of shipping. Additionally, if there are any missing items from your order we will need to be contacted within 5 days of receipt ... we will send the missing item free of charge. Customers who wait for two, three or four weeks after they received they're parcel ... be advised we are not obligated and will not replace any alleged mising item.

For those U.S. customers who fail to choose the correct shipping which results in International shipping charges being applied, we will no longer refund the shipping, rather we will add something of equal value of our choice.


All Domestic shipping is via U.S. Postal Service, either Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation or 1st Class Mail, we'll decide depending on the contents of the order. Shipping is free for all Domestic orders $75.00 and above.If you fail to choose the correct shipping see below!

Up to $ 4.99 = $3.95
$ 5.00 to $ 9.99 = $4.95
$10.00 to $19.99 = $5.95
$20.00 to $74.99 = $6.95
$75 + Free

Domestic Shipping :

All U.S. customers need to manually choose "Domestic Shipping" while in the shopping cart! All U.S. customers failing to choose the correct shipping will result in us adding something of equal value to your order of our choice ... we will no longer refund the shipping due to customer complacency.

Before checking out, look for "Shipping Method", click on that button and scroll down to Domestic Shipping. If you fail to do this, the cart will automatically default to "International Shipping" which starts at $12. .


International shipping is via U.S. Postal Service. Once shipped, delivery time is approximately 10 Busines Days. Shipping rates: 
0-50 = $12, 51-100 = $16, 101-200 = $19, 201-300 = $22, 350 on up = $29.20. 8.5 inches x 5.25 inches x 1.5 is approximately $16.00 U.S.D. . If the shipping charge is somehow dodged and not applied while checking out of the shopping cart, we reserve the right to automatically charge your card or request immeadiate payment for shipping.

Shipping Notification:

Please note that we do not notify customers when their orders have been
shipped. We do not have the staff to do so ... we would need one full time employee
just to handle that and we don't have a budget for that kind of service.