Located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest we originally started as Regimentals in the late 80's by Augie Romero as a Customizer of 1/6th scale collectibles. By 1995 Augie closed Regimentals and began working for Cotswold Collectibles as their Design Engineer until they sold their manufacturing to GearBox Toys, during which time he remained as an employee of Cotswold's but on loan to GearBox. During many travels to China on business for Cotswold and GearBox, Augie met his wife to be, Quan. A very long,exausting, and expensive process was endured until Quan was able to migrate to the United States where Augie and Quan were finally married in 2003. Regretably, Augie's job was terminated with Cotswold when they lost their market share, so Augie formed a partnership with Quan and two friends: QRCS Enterprises, DBA (Doing Business As) Newline Miniatures. Regretably, that business was terminated and BattleGear Toys was launched in late 2003.

The family owned business was expanded to two seperate businesses:

BattleGear Toys is a U.S. based business where our 1/6th scale products are designed, assembled and distributed worldwide. XiaoLong Enterprises is a Chinese based business

XiaoLong Enterprises is our Chinese based business located near the famed city of Changsha, Hunan; some of the events in the movie "The Sand Pebbles" take place in this city. Our General Manager is Quan's brother, and the remainder of staff members are all extended family members ... ensuring strick security. With the downturn in the economy, our staff in China has now been down sized and is now relegated to pre-cutting all soft goods, sourcing materials, triming plastic parts and painting them. All soft goods, will now be assembled in the U.S. commencing January 1st.